Foto Ashton Kutcher Bugil

Actor Ashton Kutcher has never refused to do sex scenes in movies. The husband of actress Demi Moore was also always feel comfortable showing off her body in front of the camera or bugil didepan kamera..

"I like naked in front of the camera, I do not know why," Ashton said as quoted by Showbiz Spy, Wednesday (02/23/2011).

According to him, naked in front of the camera or anywhere else should not have dipermasalahnya. Ashton felt weird there are people who protested against the nude scenes.

"We are born into this world in a naked condition," he said.

Not long ago, Ashton released his latest film, 'No Strings Attached' with actress Natalie Portman. Ashton was acting without clothes in one scene the film.

"I do not feel awkward during filming that scene, but there is 40 people who are not all I know," he explained. its the funny news for you lol.

krisdayanti and raul lemos in singapura

Increasingly crowded news of Krisdayanti with Raul Lemos, Singer Krisdayanti and the lover is rumored to be met in Singapore on Saturday (3/4/2010). When confirmed, a lawyer KD, Elsie Lontoh immediately denied this.

When contacted detikhot, Saturday (3/4/2010), Elsie and KD admitted he currently is located in Singapore. However, there's not their goal to meet a lover KD. But there was a sudden affair.

"Jackie went there he had gone the same essential needs me anyway," said Elsie.

However, Elsie was reluctant to disclose what the purpose of Regine's ex-wife to Singapore. Women who like to collect Hello Kitty figure tells only if KD only briefly here.

"This morning arrive, also had to go home tonight," he said. when Krisdayanti will introduce their partner to the media? after he was divorced by Anang Hermansyah. We just wait the next hot news

Joy Tobing more complicated cases

Artis Indonesia News, Joy Tobing singer wanted her mother, Roma Boru Sibuea Intan, apologized to the family of Daniel Sinambela. However, because they do not feel guilty, Rome is now officially a suspect in the case of persecution against POSMA, relatives of Daniel, Joy was also refused the request.

That was revealed by Jeffri Augustine Tobing, Joy's sister, when talking with detikhot, Saturday (3/4/2010). He said if Joy was his request via SMS to his father on 31 March.

"He wants to apologize to my mom Sinambela family but my mom did not feel wrong," he said.

Until now, the family is not interested in peace Joy Daniel. They keukeuh so chanter 'For Love' was returned to his family and forget about her marriage to Daniel.

"Marriage with Sinambela it for us is just an engineering," he said.

Jeffri Joy and Daniel reveals marriage has bad impact on the careers of popular singers through competition 'Indonesian Idol' it. In fact, Joy is planning to work on recording an album.

"Mama yesterday and Melly Pay nego same, but because this case would fail," he explained. this article source from cewek cantik personal blog.

Ikke nurjanah ready to loose the status of widows

Aldi 'Bragi' has been applied artis indonesia Ririn Dwi Ariyanti to be his wife. The ex-wife, Ikke Nurjanah was no objection. He did not miss the opening up off the status of widows or janda.

Dangdut singer claimed her ex-husband is very happy to find a new liver for the dock. While Ikke chose to focus on work and child wayangnya alone.

"Yes not aja. Because for me is not a priority. So-nyantai nyantai wrote," he met at the Hard Rock Cafe, Central Jakarta, Sunday (31.1.2010).

Ikke admitted he was close to a man. But not thought about marriage.

"I do not know God when ngasihnya. But I do not shut down," explained Ikke.

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Make up Victoria Beckham

Cerita About David Beckham's wife, Victoria did not want to leave the house before she was really excellent. Every day, he spent 2.5 hours to get dressed.

"He spent 2.5 hours per day for a massage, manicure, pedicure and hair," says a source such as detikhot quotes from Showbiz Spy, Friday (4/12/2009).

Not only did Victoria's dress. Every day he also had to exercise at least 45 minutes. Sports that he did was a treadmill, weights and yoga.

"He's not going to go out unless he was perfect," said the source again.

So to perfect, the mother of three children was thought to operate on her lips. "Victoria felt her lips disappeared when he smiled," so said the source.

Victoria Beckham Bugil Is Not true.

Cathy Sharon Foto Hair

cathy sharon
Cathy did not want her hair to fall out, according to Cathy sharon, woman's hair is a crown, hair beauty becomes a must for women, and how not to treat hair loss? many ways to treat hair, especially with shampoo and other hair treatment products. On the other hand, a bald spot on your scalp may be due to alopecia areata. In this condition, your immune system produces antibodies that normally fight off harmful microorganisms, but instead damage your hair follicles, leading to hair loss that appears as smooth round patches.

cathy sharon bugil
If you underwent surgery or had a severe illness during the last 3 months, you may also notice hair loss that is more than what you're used to. As a natural reaction of your body to a stressful life situation, about 50% of your hair enters the resting phase of hair growth. Because shed hair is not immediately replaced, thinning of your hair becomes apparent. This temporary hair loss is called telogen effluvium. Your hair will grow back once the underlying illness resolves.

cathy sharon bugil
cathy beautiful hair makes him often get bids ad star, beautiful girl who had the gossip side titled Foto Bugil cathy sharon always look beautiful and elegant.

Asmirandah : Massage

asmirandah, foto asmirandah

young celebrity, asmirandah was really like the massage, he was always taking the time to make to the spa massage theraphy, as a celebrity with a tiring job, asmirandah make massage as a relaxation. Deep massages are mostly preferred by most of the people now-a-days, as it helps to solve many of your health problems that might be deep rooted into your body from a very long time. Generally people opt for deep massages if they are suffering with some particular health problem. There is a complete session of deep massages where the complete session of massages is focused on healing that specific part of the body that is suffering from some illness from a long period. worth only asmirandah always look fresh, even with many kegitan the meleahkan, the secret is that all the massage.

foto asmirandah, asmirandah bugil
Foto Asmirandah

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