Nabila syakib

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Nabila Syakib

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Foto Nabila Syakib

Nabila syakib more and more fans, nabila syakib actress is one of the many who portray the characters in the film, because its role in every film is always a good person, eventually lots of love with its smoothness. girlfriend Yuri, son of Yusril ihza mahendra this said that his role in the film is very different from its original life. she is the woman who humored and gregarious.

Nabila syakib smart actress, this is evident when she requested opinions on manohara that he be telling the media, a beautiful model in her own doom by in malaysia. Nabila syakib assume that the error does not only have the husband manohara, but there are also errors in the manohara parents who give their children permission to get married very young.

When the question about when his marriage with Yuri, nabila syakib just smile and go casual.

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